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                       The Girl with Chameleon Eyes

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                                  Coming March 2020

                                        Love Is A River


My publishing journey began a long time ago and has touched many areas of the business



Nuances, Spring 1995 "Seasons"

Westsylvania Magazine, Spring 2004, p. 56    "On the Back Porch in Alleghheny County"


Skipping Stones, Jan-Feb 2006, p. 8   "Bedouin Tea"

The Loyalhanna  Review, 2006, p. 3   "Seasons"


The Niagara Advance, August 14, 2004 "Not Child-Friendly"

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, July 5, 2009  "Travelers not ready to pack it in"

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, March 7, 2010  "Living in Narnia"


Guest Blogger 

All the Way YA                             April 2015           "Hangin' @ the A & P"

                                                       May 2015            "Tripping"

                                                       April 2016           "Happy Birthday to Me"

                                                       June 2016          "Of Tatas & Tats"

                                                       January 2018    "The D-Bomb"


Blogger/Writer: Southeast Asia Prayer Center


Music Bio:

Musician Bio: Dave Longstreth Music, One Life CD



Mission Newsletter, Riverside Community Church



My portfolio includes a variety of manuscripts that cross genres, age groups, and interests. From Picture Books, to Middle Grade, to Young Adult, stories with meaning and depth are completed. And two Young Adult Works-in-Progess are underway. A sampling:


Jabari's Journey, PB  As Jabari walks to school, Baba teaches him the meaning of freedom.


A Grave Mystery,  MG, humor  Tristan juggles his dad's disappearance, Mischa's crush on Max, and life.


Clexon, YA Trilogy  When the humans decide to exterminate the Clexon race, Willow must lead her

                                 people to freedom; because if she can't save the Clexons, there is no one else.


Child of Abraham  An engagement trip. To hell. Told in three voices, this historical fiction YA tells                                        of a child born in a concentration camp who is raised to hate Jews. And must

                                 learn how to deal with her true identity.  

The Adventures of Spikehead & Fred, Middle Grade Series, Three Books

                 When crimes happen in Riverview, Spikehead and her brother Fred have to solve them.                         Book One:      There's no Place Like Gnome

                  Book Two:       The Buck Stops Here

                  Book Three:   The Cat's Meow



                         The Girl with Chameleon Eyes  

                                   Inkspell Publishing


                                         Coming MARCH 2020


                                     Love is a River  

                                 Inkspell Publishing









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